The LaSalle Consulting Group and Northwest Hydraulic Consultants join forces!

We are proud to announce a new milestone in our long history…
The largest network of hydraulic laboratories in North America.

LaSalle et NHC
As of May 1st, 2014, we have decided to join forces with Northwest Hydraulic Consultants (NHC), a company specialized like us in hydraulic modelling and water resources. The new company called Lasalle | NHC will remain in the Montreal facilities that have been housing LaSalle since its foundation in 1956 and will be an independent subsidiary of NHC’s parent company, based in Edmonton. The new company will be managed by LaSalle’s current owners, who will also become NHC shareholders.

This merger will confirm our presence all over the continent, with offices or laboratories in Canada (Montreal, Edmonton, Vancouver), the United States (Seattle, Sacramento), as well as in Brazil (Sao Paulo).

While still relying on the quality of the expertise for which the LaSalle Consulting Group is renowned, our clients will now benefit from a broader range of services, spanning all aspects of water resources. Our network of laboratories and experts will also lead to a more rapid and efficient answer to our clients’ modelling needs.

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