Hydraulic Structures

modele physique

For more than sixty years, Lasalle | NHC has been a North American leader in the modelling of hydraulic structures. Although more and more projects can be analyzed today using advanced numerical modelling softwares and techniques, physical scale models still remain one of the most reliable tool to model accurately complex or very turbulent flows.


Regardless of whether the structure is a new concept or there are operating problems with an existing layout, Lasalle | NHC offers a full range of specialised services and modelling of all types of hydraulic structures :

  • flood spillways and control structures
  • cofferdams and diversion works
  • intake channels, tunnels and penstocks
  • erosion around structures
  • intake structures
  • manifolds
  • tailrace channels and tunnels
  • plant operation effects on ice covers
  • desanders and trash removal systems
  • surge tanks and water hammer analysis
  • forces on gates, knife-edge design, operation procedures

Study Methods

In addition to the services offered by our fully integrated laboratory facility, our team of specialised engineers also make use of the latest progress in numerical modelling techniques. Our knowledge and experience in both physical and numerical modelling enables us to propose the method best suited to the needs and budget of each of our clients.

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