Ice Hydraulics

aerial view glace

Since the early sixties, Lasalle | NHC has published a number of scientific papers that are still quoted as references today when it comes to the theoretical aspects of river ice hydraulics. Initially, Lasalle | NHC’s expertise was focused on calculations of flood water levels due to the influence of frazil ice accumulations or ice jams. However, Lasalle | NHC has broadened its activities over the years and has been involved in numerous projects covering all the aspects of river hydraulics in Northern regions. Depending on the project’s objectives, the appropriate tool – numerical or physical modeling – is selected to perform the study.


  • Thermal exchanges with the atmosphere
  • Water temperatures in rivers
  • Ice freeze-up and break-up forecasting
  • Frazil/ice generation and accumulation
  • Ice cover stability
  • Numerical modeling using the models MIKE11-ICE (generation, transport and accumulation) and MIKE11-ICEJAM developed by the Lasalle | NHC and the Danish Hydraulic Institute
  • Ice thrusts on structures
  • Scale model studies
  • Ice jams and break-up : Influence on water levels
  • Design and certification of ice bridges
  • Ice mapping
  • Sampling of the ice cover (thickness and types of ice)
  • Profiling of the ice cover using Ground Penetrating Radar