Urban and Industrial Hydraulics

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Hydraulics is often an area that is overlooked during the design of urban and industrial projects. Poor intake conditions at pumping stations affecting pump performance and waterhammer generated in pipelines which could lead to failure are some of the problems that can occur.


Lasalle | NHC is involved in a wide range of urban infrastructure projects that require an expertise in hydraulics. Ideally, our involvement in a study would be at the early stages, but we are more often consulted in solving operating problems with existing infrastructures. We are typically involved in some of the following activities:

  • Pumping station design and optimisation
  • Waterhammer analysis and design of anti-waterhammer devices
  • Hydraulic design and physical modelling of transitions or special cross-sections for water flow
  • Physical modelling of settling basins and other types of water treatment structures
  • Numerical modelling of runoff in urban areas and the hydraulic regime of sewer systems
  • Problems related to the operation of urban and industrial hydraulic systems (head losses, air entrainment)

Study Methods

The physical scale model remains the ideal tool to reproduce three dimensional complex flows that typically occur in pumping stations and complex flow structures (e.g. siphons, manifolds, etc.).

The modelling of urban runoff and pipe flows (pressure flow or free surface flow) is done with the latest version of the numerical model PCSWMM.

Lasalle | NHC has a strong background in the study and modelling of waterhammer and transient flow hydraulics. In addition to in-house software developed for specific applications, our engineers have access to well-known commercial software packages such as TRANSAM and SURGE5.

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