Coastal Engineering and Navigation

In addition to our activities in the fields of river hydraulics and hydroelectricity, Lasalle | NHC has throughout the years carried out a wide range of studies in the fields of coastal engineering and navigation. Our engineers have played a major role in developing the navigation channels and ports along the St. Lawrence River.

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Lasalle | NHC offers consulting services and use of physical hydraulic scale models or mathematical models in most of activities related to maritime and coastal hydraulics:

  • Field surveys
  • Generation and propagation of sea waves (wave climate)
  • Hydrodynamic thrusts on structures
  • Design and testing of coastal protection structures : breakwaters, sea walls
  • Wave refraction and diffraction analyses
  • Port design and wave agitation
  • Littoral drift and beach nourishment
  • Estuary hydrodynamics (density currents, sedimentation)
  • Environmental studies : sea outfalls, plume dispersion and mixing

Our services also cover the hydraulic aspects of navigation:

  • Design of navigation locks
  • Ship movements at moorings and hawser forces
  • Squat and ship wakes
  • Ice control during winter

Study Methods

The design of navigation locks usually relies on the use of a scale model. Studies concerning navigation and mooring conditions can benefit from our complete fleet of radio-controlled ships.

In coastal and maritime engineering, the use of numerical modelling is more and more widespread and allows a reduction in study costs. In this field, the Lasalle | NHC has adopted a range of numerical models developed by the Danish Hydraulic Institute (DHI): MIKE 21, MIKE 3, LITPACK. Our engineers have developed these last years a complete MIKE 21 model of the Saint-Lawrence estuary between Quebec and Pointe-au-Pic . We also use the dispersion model CORMIX.

Our background and experience in the fields of physical and numerical modelling enable us to propose analytical methods perfectly adapted to the needs and means of each of our clients.

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