Wind, Snow and Air Pollution Modelling

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The flow of air is analogous to the flow of water and can be simulated using fluid mechanics techniques.

Lasalle | NHC performs wind, snow control and air pollution studies in a special hydraulic flume that is part of the laboratory’s permanent facilities.

We also carry out numerical modelling, give advice based on plans submitted by architects and urban planners and act as an expert witness in court cases. Fields of activities consist of:

  • Snow transport and accumulation under wind action
  • Wind impact on urban areas and pedestrian comfort levels. This information is useful in the early stages of a project when the architect/designer is applying for a project authorisation permit
  • Effluent dispersion: dispersion and risk of recirculation of stale air out of vents, stacks, exhausts and chimneys, particle fall-out, odours
  • Mist and water vapour plumes, visibility, condensation and freezing fog

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